Are you ready to leverage your time, work one to many, but have no idea how to set up an effective online training programme

A well crafted course is the difference between raving fans and refunds.


Personal and Professional Development Facilitator 

From the desk of Trudi Pavlovsky.

Melbourne, Australia.

Dear future course builders, and those new to online programme creation,


Are you dreaming of more time with your family while also helping more people to live a bigger, bolder and better life?


Leveraging your time with well crafted courses that meet your ideal clients needs are your next step.  

Building an online course is more than putting together some slides and talking.

Want to create online courses so you can connect and serve more people?

Make more money in your business and get back time to spend with family and friends?


If you know this is the missing part of a complete sales funnel but you just can’t get your self to take the first step…..


If you know this is the missing part of a complete sales funnel but you just can’t get your self to take the first step…..


Then it's time to take the path of least resistance and build an amazing online course.


It's time to Build YOUR First eCourse.

Before you build a course you need to know who it is for. 


Then you can choose the most appropriate topic. 


You owe it to your clients to get this right.


If your income has hit a ceiling, you don't get to spend enough time with your family, the hustle is all too real and you are ready to serve 1:many.....



What does the course cover?

My First eCourse not only covers the steps for building a course but also show you the following, to give you a complete build and launch programme



Over the modules you cover the following: 

  • Developing the right mindset to take into stepping up and being more visible online.

  • A deeper understanding of who your ideal client is and the skills to congruently connect with them.

  • Strategies for creating engaging content to connect and offers that your ideal client will love. This is who you start to build you list as well.

  • You'll complete My First eCourse with a topic and an understanding of the technology required for your first course.


  • What content to share to start engaging with your audience and get visible online.

  • The skills of building a course that makes sense to your client.

  • A guide to plan for and launch your online course because with out a launch plan, your chances of successfully signing people up to your course drops dramatically!

  • Price usually $597 with lifetime access to the course but now ONLY $197 until April 27th 2020

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