Change you life and change the world.

Are you ready to have all you desire in your life so you can support others to have the same in theirs

In Bed with Abundance is here to support you.



From the desk of Trudi Pavlovsky.

Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Global Leaders and Dreamers,


Are you dreaming of more time with your family while also helping more people to live a bigger, bolder and better life?


Manifesting all you desire helps the with improving the lives of everyone.  

Creating an abundant life is more than wishing for money to fall out of the sky.

There's a science to attracting in all you desire and keeping it moving forward.
This is why I created this mini course, to get you started with the fundamentals in a simple and easy way. 


It's time to manifest YOUR ideal life.

Often our unconscious beliefs around wealth, money and having it all are the very things that stop us from having allow desire. 


Have you heard the saying "money doesn't grow on trees" or "rich people are not nice people" 


Old stories told to us as children, or negative experiences around money and wealth shape our current behaviours. 


And if left unchecked, stop us from living a life of giving. It's hard to give when youre worried about paying your own bills right? 

What does the course cover?

In Bed with Abundance covers the steps for creating energetic alignment with wealth, new habits around money and processes to rebalance your life. 



Over the modules you cover the following: 

  • Managing your energy to become a match to the frequency of money.

  • Connection with both your inner child and higher self to shift old stories to new positive outcomes.

  • Changing your understanding of what abundance means and can mean for your life.

  • Spiritual law will come into play for further clarity around creating an abundant life.


  • The power of intention and harnessing your mind for abundance.

  • Rituals to support a cellular shift to prevent sabotage in the wealth attraction process

  • Short videos for easy digestion and implementation of learnings.

  • Priced at an introductory special of $67.

Join today for only AUD$ 67.00​

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